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Why Detroit Families?

  • In 2018 Detroit only had 13.8% of our students reading on grade level by age 8

  • In 2020 That number increased by only 2.2% and the new ESSA Law was implemented that stated “Any 3rd grader not reading on grade level would fail.”

  • Parents are asked to “Give Us Time” by districts that have historically failed Black Children. 

  • The pandemic proved more disparities as children and families scrambled for access to quality tools to make virtual learning as effective as their neighboring more affluent school district.

  • Parents and Children began to tap out (Disconnect from learning)

  • Homeschooling was the best alternative, yet parents struggled with the thought of Taking Education Back Into Their Own Hands

What is Engaged Detroit?


  • Engaged Detroit was created to be a resource for Detroit parents and caregivers who have made a choice to homeschool their children. 

  • Building community partnerships with philanthropy, educations program and community orgs that connect families along their pathway to successful homeschooling. 

Engaged Detroit Pilot Timeline


  • So Far

    • September 2020: $25,000 VELA’s Meet the Moment Grant via National Parents Union Received. Coaching sessions began.

    • October 2020: 12 Families sent letters to their schools disenrolling their children. Engaged Detroit  began to build partnerships based on the families needs 

    • November- December 2020: Advocacy for Homeschooling and Traditional Schools students was noticed by The Skillman Foundation and Busy Bee Here to Help. $15,500 was granted to Engaged Detroit to purchase Homeschool Corners for 300 students.

    • January-March 2021: Engaged Detroit parents and coaches were highlighted in local and national news and radio platforms. Individual Coaching moved to Bi-Weekly

    • April 2021: Engaged Detroit VELA video release and the communities response was overwhelmingly positive. The PACE Center

    • May 2021 Guardian Sponsored Summer recruitment and program funding.

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Our First Highschool Graduate


Victoria declared that she would drop out of school if she had to endure her 12th grade year as she had March 2020- June 2020. The pandemic not only isolated her from friends and her passion for learning in-person but she only had meaningful interactions with one teacher during that time. This came after years of in-person schooling let downs and two asks of her mother to homeschool her, once in 5th grade and the other in middle school. 

Donate Here to support us in continuing this work.

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