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Mission: To provide parents with community partnerships, tools and free coaching that makes their homeschool journey individualized based on the needs of the children.


Birth-Kindergarten  Coach

Hadasha Green 


6th- 8th grade Coach

Natasha Sansom


Highschool- Career Coach

Kija Gray

What Made Engaged Detroit Different?

Basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, you name it, children have had coaches. During the Pandemic, Detroit Parents like so many across the globe called out for help with educating their children homeschool. We set out to give information to as many parents as possible via Facebook live chats. What we became was a network for parents and community to Homeschool as a Co-Op 

Engaged Detroit Coaching Supports Parents By Offering FREE:

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly  Parent Coaching and Support Groups

  • Learn Homeschooling laws and guidelines

  • Create core curriculum based on each child needs

  • Understand that education happens everywhere, any time  and that children guide their learning, 

  • Connect with Over 20 Community Partnerships

  • College and Post Secondary Transition Support

  • Advocacy support from local and national orgs like NPU

Donate Here to support us in continuing this work

Bernita Bradley, Engaged Detroit Facilitator and Partnership Manager

Families were asking for help from schools, we were told "Give Us Time, Show Grace. We've never been through a Pandemic" as if parents and students had. The truth is, Detroit families like most communities of color have waited for decades and we chose to no longer wait. Taking education into our own hands was the best decision I've ever made. As an advocate for choice, I wanted parents to have the tools to make homeschooling what we needed it to be. 

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