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When The Youth Lead

Homeschooling is no greater than the lives impacted most by it, The Children. This Page is dedicated to highlighting the journey of our youth and updates on some of the many awesome projects they are apart of. Making Space For Youth To Lead!

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INFOrUs Youth Magazine

View the full magazine HERE

INFOrUS is an independent educational project of Engaged Detroit Learners and My Class Mag, LLC in Michigan.

INFOrUS comes from learners sharing information for us in a free print and digital magazine which can be used in communities. The group met virtually, once a week for 10 weeks to share, learn, and grow. Special Shout Out To Grayce, Jayden and Skye for all of their creativity.


Skillman Foundations Youth Honoree

Tavon Toure

Tavon was selected as one of Detroit's Brave and Bold Youth in 2021. 

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Plan International

Victoria Bradley

Victoria serves as 1 of 2 United States Teens selected to join the International Planning Committee


More To Come

Our Youth Will Lead The Way

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